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Fairmount Innovation Lab is a unique, inclusive, cross-sector incubator for igniting, launching and growing creative and social enterprise in Boston’s Fairmount Indigo Corridor and adjacent communities.

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The Pierce Building will be transformed from underutilized to a community anchor for the neighborhood. Retail space on the ground floor for local businesses will draw people to the center of the district. The Fairmount Lab will function as an incubator to start and grow local creative businesses and increase business ownership among people of color and women. . 

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Fairmount Innovation Lab is looking for high potential, innovators for the next FIL Launchpad, an intensive, selective 12-week program for highly committed creative and social entrepreneurs who are ready to take their ideas and businesses to the next level.

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Your favorite informal networking event is back! The Fishbowl is designed to create genuine connections between real people and spark new innovation and business in the Boston creative community without the awkward formalities of typical networking events.

Find out about more events at FIL.

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